"The artificial turf is almost ready to go for September 6! The project is far from complete, though. We still need financial commitments to complete the full scope of our vision for a home for football in Saskatoon." - Johnny Marciniuk, Friends of the Bowl Foundation 

It’s been a busy pre-season to reach this moment. The moment when our athletes will take home field to play on artificial turf. The moment when the new sound system thunders calls, when new lights illuminate all plays, and when that stunning scoreboard flashes 'touchdown'. 


The Friends of the Bowl Foundation are pumped that you, our community, have helped make this moment happen. Your community support for the Bowl Field Goal Campaign is absolutely phenomenal. And it helped ensure we could deliver this field - the Saskatoon Minor Football Field - in time for our athletic community this season.


But we’re not done yet.

We still need to get to our $11-M end zone to complete the full scope of the Friends’ vision: a home for football. With your help, we will build a new entrance plaza, ticket booth and brand new 12,000 square foot clubhouse that will include:

  • 4 large locker rooms to accommodate teams
  • Meeting rooms for watching film
  • A concession to fuel fans
  • Officials' room
  • Therapist room
  • 4 large softball locker rooms plus umpires' room
  • Drive-through garage for equipment storage
  • 2nd floor multi-purpose room with outdoor viewing balcony



"We also eagerly anticipate the Provincial Government's support to ensure this project is completed to the full scope." - Greg Yuel, Campaign Chair


Let’s create this complete home for our champions.

Let’s showcase Saskatoon as host to the leading home sports field.

Let’s give our athletes a world-class facility for all ages.

Let’s help drive our teams to more victories—let’s give them a home field we’re all proud of.

Visit turfit.ca to learn more and to donate.



Photo credit: Louis Christ